Dame Sabriel Mastin

I'm Sabriel and yep, that's my title.

I'm an editor and writer, and am the social media manager for Overbuff, a statistics website for Overwatch. I also co-host a Star Trek podcast called Transporter Lock.

I predominantly work in gaming, be it tabletop RPGs, esports, or writing guides for video games. My writing has appeared in places such as USA Today, Fanbyte, and Wowhead.

I've made scores of appearances around the geekdom, be they panels at PAX events to talk about being a woman in gaming or esports, talking Star Trek at DragonCon, or on podcasts and sharing my opinions on the Overwatch League. I've even hosted live events for Overwatch Open Division and a thrice-weekly show covering Overwatch esports news for 250 episodes.

Thank you for stopping by.