Appearance: Media Mavens – “It’s Bi Noon!”

I made another podcast appearance! “It’s bi noon!” This week I joined the Media Mavens and discussed ‪#‎Overwatch‬, covering such topics as which character is gay, experiences playing online, and those culturally insensitive skins a few heroes have. It was so much fun hanging out with these two gals. I’ve known them for years but […]

Appearance: Polygamer – Side Quest #1: Star Trek Beyond

This week I joined the amazing Ken Gagne again on Polygamer in a bonus episode to discuss Star Trek Beyond… and beyond! We talked about the movie, our feelings, and its place among the pantheon of other Trek shows. The whole discussion was a lot of fun and I couldn’t wait for recording day to come […]

Appearance: Character Reveal

Dom and Steph of Character Reveal podcast asked me to join them. We talked about writing, gaming, doing my first panel, and more! It was an absolute blast. Have a listen!

Appearance: Random Trek

This week I was on Random Trek! This is a show where the host Scott McNulty asks a guest to come on and discuss a random episode of Star Trek, across the five live-action series, and this week’s was DS9’s “The Wire.” In this episode, Bashir learns about Garak’s past, or thinks he does, while attempting […]

Appearance: Isometric 88

I’m happy to say that I was asked to be a guest host on Isometric this week! We talked about the launch of the Oculus Rift pre-order, Activision Blizzard buying MLG, and the ethics of buying games on ROMs that Nintendo didn’t release in the States (or fan-made ROMs). We also talked about some near […]

Appearance: Reset Transmission

I recently recorded an episode of Reset Transmission, the official podcast for Press2Reset. Normally they discuss gaming news for the week, but being that Nate, one of the hosts, was gone, we discussed what we’d been playing. It was a lot of fun! Thank you so much to Aenne and Melissa, and it was great […]

Appearance: IndieSider Podcast… as host!

This week I covered for Ken Gagne on his show IndieSider, interviewing the developers behind the game I’ve done my longest Let’s Play to date for, Adventures of Pip! I was nervous at first but dived in, hit record, and here are the awesome results! Show page Interview on YouTube Interview on iTunes Interview on Stitcher Interview […]

Appearance: Polygamer

Ken Gagne invited me onto his show to talk about… me! From video games, to roller derby, to social media, come listen to me ramble about everything! You know, when pulling up your podcast player, it’s so strange to see your own name pop up as guest for one of the shows you listen to.

Appearance: The Indie Haven Podcast (17 March 2015)

I was asked to join the Indie Haven podcast again, this time to talk about my experiences and things I played while at PAX East this year. My bit is after the interview with Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball. Have a listen!