Slowing Down and Shifting Focus

If you’ve ever watched Parks and Recreation, and have reached at least the latter part of season 2, you know that two characters on the show are workaholics and always gogogo, Leslie Knope and Chris Traeger. Over this past year I’ve literally felt like some kind of combination of the two, filling up my schedule, making sure I […]

WoW: History Rewritten

It’s funny how attitudes can change in only a week. The weekend before the launch of Warlords of Draenor, the latest expansion to World of Warcraft, I renewed my subscription to the game. Months had gone by since I had played and the excitement I saw my friends attending BlizzCon over the upcoming release finally […]

Raspberry Pi and Emulation

I’ve always been fascinated by the hardware behind the RPi and the possibilities one can do with it. It’s small but potentially powerful. A dear friend of mine has set up a bunch of automation in his home combining the powers of RPi and Arduino units which has helped my interest in the devices soar. I […]

Virtual Boy

Everyone has been talking about the Game Boy’s recent (US) birthday. It’s been fun and all but I shared my bit back in April when it was Game Boy’s Japanese birthday. What everyone seems to be forgetting though is that today is Virtual Boy’s 18 year, 11 month, and 18 dayth birthday. Sheesh, people! Inconsiderate. […]

Game Collecting

If you haven’t heard of If This Than That (IFTTT), it’s a Web service that helps you automate some rudimentary tasks. For example, I have a script that saves links to tweets I Favorite or Foursquare check-ins into their own spreadsheets, and another that downloads Facebook photos I’m tagged in to my Dropbox account. I […]