My Troubles with Axiom Verge

In Axiom Verge, players take on the role of Trace as he explores the ruins of Sudra. Hidden across the planet are weapons, power-ups, upgrades, and fragments that tell more of the tale of how life came to be as it is in this world. What snagged everyone’s attention when Axiom Verge came out was […]

When Previews Go Bad

When I first read Colin Campbell’s preview for Rock Band 4, which begins with him talking about how bored he was at the PR event Harmonix held for it, I was upset at the audacity he had to write this, and I was upset at Polygon for even allowing it on the site. I wanted […]

All the Ps!

There is a case in California right now where a man is suing Sony because the game Killzone doesn’t have the advertized 1080p resolution in multiplayer mode. Yep, because the game seems to dip below all of those Ps, he is suing. Sony filed a Motion to Dismiss the case (asking for it to be dropped […]

E pluribus unum

Months have passed since the #gamergate fiasco began. People have been threatened, doxxed, and scared out of their homes. New Twitter accounts are created all of the time to get around blocking, muting, and what have you. It can be scary as hell right now on Twitter if you’re in the gaming circles, especially so […]

One Year Later

This month marks one year since I started writing about gaming. Now I’ve been a gamer all of my life, but writing about them was something new for me. I didn’t imagine the interesting directions it was going to take me down. I can thank Cathy, the Indie Gamer Chick, for helping me truly begin […]

What is your end game?

Was this the end game? in other words, please, please, please, please leave me alone. You have my nine years. Have them. Leave me alone, please, oh god, please. — Just Jenn! (Frank) (@jennatar) September 4, 2014 Is this what was wanted? So if anyone has leads let me know. It’s time to cultivate space […]

I Returned My Next-Gen Console

I recently picked up a Playstation 4 after getting caught up in the Destiny hype. I had been mulling over buying the console for ages now, so it wasn’t completely an impulse buy, but why, then, did I feel remorse when clicking on the Buy button? Waiting for the console to arrive, I gave myself […]