Let’s Play: Xeodrifter Complete!

I wrapped up my playthrough of Xeodrifter. Overall, I had fun. While I do often like games that have little to no direction, I feel a bit more would have been nice here. A few times I was left poking around, not quite certain if I was doing anything useful. After the fact I found out […]

Preview Monday: Jotun

For this week, I played Jotun by Thunder Lotus Games. In it, you are a viking warrior who must earn her way into Valhalla. To do so, she must take down some defeat some of the largest monsters in Norse mythology. I really dug this when I played it at PAX East 2015 and can’t wait […]

Preview Monday: Pixel: ru^2

Pixel: ru^2 (Are You Squared) is a puzzle platformer where you must complete each stage by changing your color to get through various walls and destroy enemies in your way. In the story, you are a pixel trying to restore the internet in a sense as you take it back from an evil AI. This […]

Preview Monday: Induction

On this week’s Preview Monday, I took a look at Induction, a game by Bryan Gale. This is a puzzle game where you get to play with time and create paradoxes to get to the goal of each stage. If you liked Braid, you may get a kick out of this. I first met up with […]

Let’s Play – Ironcast

Steampunk mechs? Match 3? I’m in! Make matches to stock your mech with ammo, energy, or coolant to be able to either attack, raise shields, or dodge enemy weapons. I like match 3 games and this one is a lot of fun. You will get hit by randomization in later stages and may lose in […]

Let’s Play – 20XX (Alpha Version)

This is so much fun, even in its early stages. I played the crap out of Mega Man X2 back in the day, and this gives off many of those same vibes. You can play as both an X-like character or a Zero-like character either solo or co-op!  

Let’s Play – Sid Meier’s Starships

Play in the universe created by Civilization: Beyond Earth. Command a fleet of ships to gain influence over neighboring planets, enticing them to join your federation. Defeat pirates, marauders, and other civilizations as you struggle to gain control of the galaxy. To be honest, it does seem a bit light on content. Once I got […]

Let’s Play – Where in North Dakota is Carmen Sandiego?

You read that title correctly. They actually made a Carmen Sandiego specifically for North Dakota. Why? A detailed description can be found in this video, but the gist of the story is that a team from Minot State University worked in conjunction with Broderbund Software to make this title. It included a North Dakota almanac, […]