12 in 12: May

Like sands of the hourglass, these are the days of our… 12 in 12 report. The Marvellous Miss Take For the month of May, I chose The Marvellous Miss Take. It’s a game with a beautiful artstyle where you play as Sophia Take as she sneaks around art galleries, recollecting pieces from a dastardly man […]

12 in 12: March and April

I’ve a twofer for this 12 in 12 update. March XCOM: Enemy Unknown was my game to play in March. I was excited to try this after seeing the hype for XCOM 2 a few months ago. I mean it’s got an alien invasion, tactical fighting on a grid, and quasi-futuristic weaponry. What isn’t to […]

My Troubles with Axiom Verge

In Axiom Verge, players take on the role of Trace as he explores the ruins of Sudra. Hidden across the planet are weapons, power-ups, upgrades, and fragments that tell more of the tale of how life came to be as it is in this world. What snagged everyone’s attention when Axiom Verge came out was […]

12 in 12: February

The theme for February was to play a puzzle game. Puzzle games have always been a favorite of mine since starting with Tetris back in the in the NES era. On the school bus during road trips, I was the one people wanted to try to beat while playing linked games of Tetris. Some of […]

12 in 12: January

For 2016, I took a pledge to complete, or at very least attempt, 12 specific games from my gaming backlog, a pace of at least one title a month. I’m pleased to report that, after January, I already completed three games, one from my list and another two as as bit of a bonus. Barely […]

Steam Controller Playtest

This weekend I put together a compilation of me playing a few games with the Steam Controller. Short version, the controller is pretty cool, but I don’t think it will replace the keyboard and mouse setup for me. For those who use controllers for things such as first-person shooters, I think you’ll enjoy it much […]

The Beginner’s Guide

I wrote a short, non-spoiler piece on The Beginner’s Guide and a tiny bit on what makes a video game a game. Check it out on my Facebook Page. What do you think?

World of Warcraft: Home for the Weekend

Last week I re-upped my subscription to World of Warcraft. I hadn’t played since just after launch of their latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor, and with the furor over the next expansion, Legion, I thought I’d check it out again to see what was going on. I sent followers on missions and completed all of […]

Short Video Break

Summer is here and that means outdoors, camping, and catching up on things that need to be caught up on. It’s nice out and I’d like to get some sunshine in before the snow returns. Videos should resume in early August. Thank you so much for your support. You all are great!